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Selling your property?

Find out how JP Home Report & JP Seller Dashboard can Improve your selling journey

Track Record

Many Record Transactions, Just 1% Commission

From million-dollar HDB to apartments in Sentosa Cove, we have done it all! Yet our commission is just 1% + GST.

Data Clarity

All Our Clients Are Furnished With A JustProp Home Report

Conventional home reports out there use past transactions as the only basis to price your home. This method is backward-looking and will underprice your home in a rising market. JustProp's includes current listings so you understand your competition. As a result, you are able to price your home better.


All Our Clients Are Updated Real-Time Via Seller Dashboard

All our clients are updated real-time with any enquiries, viewings, and other related activities. This is possible through the use of our proprietary seller dashboard, which ensures accountability on our part.

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